Thursday, 23 October 2014

It's really sad when so called "carers" laugh at other peoples misfortune but then again that's what one expect from someone like Poxie. I suppose I have to understand that the cruelty she suffered as a child has turned into something worse than the parents that treated her so cruelly. Some people can come to understand how their childhood affected their adult life, some just carry on the cycle of torture and abuse.
I was accused of misappropriating funds yet I have failed to see any evidence of this. Let's see was I supposed to have been given this money by Poxy in 2012, November in fact. Was that when I was in hospital recovering from an overdose, doubtful because not one person came to see me, not that I am bothered by that. No, sorry she took the money and ran and is still running indeed she took more. She also says she doesn't want anything to do with me yet she hounds me like some scabby dog. She stole from me too and I have evidence of that if anyone should care to ask. If she is so sweetness and light then why not do the decent thing and face the divorce,simple, because she knows she is in the wrong and a thief.
Well he who laughs last laughs the longest Poxie. I am on your trail and so are the bailiffs lol........